March 22, 2023
Andy Chitwood Told on Dex for Delivering Phone Books Door to Door

Andy Chitwood told on Dex Media Holdings for delivering phone books door to door in Spokane, Washington. Apparently Mr. Chitwood felt threatened by these phone books and thought Dex was not an essential business. One might argue that due to the internet nobody needs a phone book anymore, but what if your connection dies? How will you contact essential government services and businesses without a phone book? How non-essential would Dex be then?

Obviously Dex is an essential business because phone books are still essential sources of information despite the internet. In a time like this when people are losing jobs and the ability to pay for their internet connections, phone books become more essential. Even if phone books were not essential it is not a violation of social distancing guidelines to deliver goods to people at home. Home delivery is encouraged as an alternative to opening stores for business. It allows people to get what they need at a much safer distance. What's next? Is Mr. Chitwood going to report the next Amazon drone he sees for distributing good packaged by people that could have the virus?

"Andy" gave the phone number 5094488707 which lists Amy Chitwood as the owner at the above mentioned address.

The message from andy[at] on 3/31/20 read:

"They are delivering phone books door to door. Had a conversation with them regarding being non-essential, didn't care. There were 3 guys in a car delivering phone books to every porch. Didn't care about stay at home orders." #andychitwood #dexmediaholdings #socialdistancing #amychitwood

Source: Andy Chitwood Told on Dex for Delivering Phone Books Door to Door

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