March 22, 2023
Nancy Main Snitched on Rey Landscaping and irrigation in Maple Valley

"Hotel is open for business putting employees at high risk because the only business they are catering to is drug addicts and prostitution. 80 percent of rooms being booked are thru online discounts to cater to the low level unhealthy client. Housekeeping staff is cleaning room with drug paraphanalia on a daily. Heavy foot traffic thru each room that is a drug room. The company is using dust masks and Clorox wipes as there form of safety and sanitization. Front desk, breakfast and housekeeping staff are less than 6 ft away from guests." – Anonymous staff do to fear of being fired.
The aforementioned complaint was filed by Anonymous staff do to fear of being fired. in Everett, Washington on Tuesday March 31, 2020 with L&I DOSH Nathan Kresse against Holiday Inn Express saying Non-essential business is open. Email address given was Unknown and phone number given was 0000000000. #anonymousstaffdotofearofbeingfired #holidayinnexpress #hotel

Source: Anonymous staff do to fear of being fired. Snitched on Holiday Inn…

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