March 25, 2023
Someone Told on Hammer Properties NW, INC in Bellingham

"Unit in condo (Fortune View Condos) managed by Agynbyte is using contractor business not following Phase 1 guidelines including: no posted notices, no COVID on site supervisor, some with no face masks, all with no gloves, no social distancing, more than 3 workers on site. Workers have come within a foot of me (resident of condo) more than once. Reached out to Agynbyte (property manager) four days ago for some oversight, who has not provided a response aside from acknowledging lack of PPE. Agynbyte is aware of the situation, and has acknowledged receipt of our complaint as of Monday, but no steps have been taken to comply with regulations thus far. Workers currently on site at property (1819 E. Denny Way, Unit 105) and have been here for 9 working days with no action by property management or contractors despite requests for further compliance with regulations. Trucks have no name, so not sure of contractor name." – Ash Holloway
The aforementioned complaint was filed by Ash Holloway in Bellevue, Washington on Wednesday May 13, 2020 with L&I against Agynbyte LLC saying, Business function performed that is non-essential. Email address given was and phone number given was 808-546-0190. #ashholloway #agynbytellc #construction

Source: Ash Holloway Snitched on Agynbyte LLC in Bellevue

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