March 23, 2023
Ryan Quimby Snitched on GoWireless in Marysville

"Hello, I’m a concerned citizen and I’m reporting this business (hair and nail salon) that has been still opened to the public during the entire shutdown. I’ve notice people entering this business Tuesday through Saturday with no care of what’s going on in the world. Someone need to shut this place down before more and more people become infected. They are not following any orders given, they are having parties and whatever else you can think of. The place seems to be closed on the front side of the building but there are lots of people entering the building in the back parking lott because there is a secret door thats located in the alley. I decided to say something now before its too late. I have also contacted 311 and the police about this. Address is 5800 W Division Chicago IL 60651" – Debra
The aforementioned complaint was filed by Debra in Chicago, Washington on Sunday May 3, 2020 with DOL against Branded Stylez saying, Non-essential business is open. Email address given was and phone number given was 312672-9567. #debra #brandedstylez #cosmetology #hairsalon #barber

Source: Debra Snitched on Branded Stylez in Chicago

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