March 23, 2023
Someone Told on Hammer Properties NW, INC in Bellingham

"To Whom it may concern,I am an employee of Canyon Creek Cabinet Co., Monroe WA.My last full day of work was 3/25 as Management was looking for exceptions and clarifications for being an Essential Manufacturer and remain open. That evening they conceded to a notice from the governor's office addressing them and other similar companies were not considered Essential.Yesterday I got word on the companies communication and announcements website that management was once again seeking an exception as Essential if they perform certain health checks and procedures to assure safety of the employees. I have concerns over how and who will actually perform and assure the people, production procedures and management are on the same page. I've seen and experienced attempts of lower level and mid-level supervision in following the practices requested by upper management in regard to the Covid-19 problem.It appeared very superficial, not enforced, only vaguely suggested by individuals with absolutely no experience in these procedures. In their defense, who does and can show them how and what it takes to assure the best in practice and enforcement of such a policy.Too many of us have concerns. Some are of the age and have underlying conditions or have family members at home who do.Gov. Enslee provided a way. The Federal Government provided a path. We can Shelter at Home and Flatten the Curve.Last I looked we were at 475 fatalities and 9000 being treated, some in ICU.Hospitals and First Responders are pressed. Supplies are hard pressed to supply.Is this the time in a county where it all began to start building Kitchen Cabinets as Essential?To call people back to work for what we've seen and experienced, the superficial?Can you guarantee our management is doing all the right things in regard to Covid-19 to keep people from unnecessary exposure to this virus?It would take a Team of Educated and Experienced people who are well versed in CDC guidelines and viral threat elimination to take the time to see if our facility is even considered possible to make a Covid-19 Free environment. Otherwise it's once again, business as usual and superficial. Thank you for time and devotion to aid companies and workers to make wise and sound judgment decisions. Sincerely,The Durham FamilyI Do Not give permission for this communication to be shared beyond the addressed.Yes, I fear backlash." – durham
The aforementioned complaint was filed by durham in Monroe, Washington on Tuesday April 28, 2020 with Essential Business against CANYON CREEK CABINET CO saying Non-essential business is open. Email address given was ORANDYDD@YAHOO.COM and phone number given was . #durham #canyoncreekcabinetco #manufacturing

Source: durham Snitched on CANYON CREEK CABINET CO in Monroe

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