March 24, 2023
Ryan Quimby Snitched on GoWireless in Marysville

Elizabeth Cera of San Clemente, California used a form created by the State of Washington for people to report say at home violators in that state to report Air Control Air Conditioning for allegedly violating stay at home orders in Anaheim, California. Obviously Ms. Cera does not know what state she is in, where the state of Washington is, or just didn't take the time to think before she spoke.

She listed her email address as lizcera88[at] and phone number as 3108771859. Her complaint was:

"This company has their entire office approx 300 people including the business development people coming in everyday with no sanitizer or masks for anyone. There is no reason for them to have the business development and staff people at the office. They were told if they did not feel comfortable take sick time or vacation time. I understand companies need to stay open and keep things going, but there is no reason to have the entire staff in the office with no protection." #elizabethcera #aircontrolairconditioning #socialdistancing

Source: Elizabeth Cera Reported Air Control in California to Washington

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