March 26, 2023
Nancy Main Snitched on Rey Landscaping and irrigation in Maple Valley

"Construction workers, including Plumbers and Electricians are still working at Seattle Genetics in Bothell. Seattle Genetics has their own people working from home to be safe but the construction has continued. The construction is not essential just a tenant improvement project. 50 people are on site during the day shift and 50 on swing. No social distancing is being provided. Please look into this and do something about it before someone dies." – Jenny Wubbena
The aforementioned complaint was filed by Jenny Wubbena in Bothell, Washington on Monday March 30, 2020 with L&I against Seattle Genetics saying Non-essential business is open. Email address given was and phone number given was 2068184835. #jennywubbena #seattlegenetics #construction

Source: Jenny Wubbena Snitched on Seattle Genetics in Bothell

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