April 1, 2023
Someone Told on Anthony Joseph in Bellevue, WA

"Company is in violation of the Stay home,Stay healthy proclamation 20-25 Item # 28 of the Covid-19 Job Site Requirements as well as not temperature screening, no training, etc About 90% of the employees are from out of state that is not contiguous to Washington. This is a huge deal if construction companies are not going to follow basic rules they should not be working. I couldn't find a office address so I put down where they are working at "WSDOT Deception Pass bridge project" They have a lay down area in the anacortes area near Shell refinery on tx rd This company is putting my fellow citizens at risk in the oak harbor / anacortes area an frankly all of Washingtonian. I'm sure if you contact the WSDOT office they may give you more info as to project manager full name or project superintendent. This contractor in my opinion should stop immediately! I would like to be left anonymous. Please" – Juan Palomo Jr.
The aforementioned complaint was filed by Juan Palomo Jr. in Oak Harbor, Washington on Friday May 1, 2020 with L&I DOSH Nathan Kresse against Eagle Industrial Painting, LLC saying, Essential business not following social distancing requirements. Email address given was juanpal8886@gmail.com and phone number given was 9564298525. #juanpalomojr #eagleindustrialpainting #llc #construction

Source: Juan Palomo Jr. Snitched on Eagle Industrial Painting, LLC in Oak…

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