March 26, 2023
Someone Told on Anthony Joseph in Bellevue, WA

"Filing a claim and reporting weekly is not the easiest task to accomplish online. People can not process claims as requested. The online system is not user friendly, kicks you out and does not accept weekly reporting. How are people suppose to fie claims and start receiving payments. This is extremely frustrating and not helping people get the financial assistance the Governor is telling people is available and creating additional hardships. Please, please fix the system and help people get the benefits they need to survive." – Katrina
The aforementioned complaint was filed by Katrina in Olympia WA98501, Washington on Saturday May 2, 2020 with Other Agency against Washington State Unemployment saying, Business function performed that is non-essential. Email address given was and no phone number was given. #katrina #washingtonstateunemployment #employmentsecurity

Source: Katrina Snitched on Washington State Unemployment in Olympia WA98501

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