March 22, 2023
Someone Told on Anthony Joseph in Bellevue, WA

"This bus is non-essential. The supervisor contacted employees and threatened to fire any employee who does not return to work. My nephew and his fiance both work at this company. They have a one year old daughter. They told the supervisor that they are choosing to follow the Governor's Stay At Home Stay Safe proclamation in order to keep their daughter safe. The supervisor told them that either he or she had to come in to work or they will not have a job." – Kim Hillage
The aforementioned complaint was filed by Kim Hillage in Puyallup, Washington on Thursday April 23, 2020 with No Agency against Whistle Work Wear saying Non-essential business is open. Email address given was and phone number given was 2532282862. #kimhillage #whistleworkwear #workwear

Source: Kim Hillage Snitched on Whistle Work Wear in Puyallup

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