March 24, 2023
Matt Mullis Claims to Have Reported Kenosha Guard Members to the FBI

We just happened to come across a Facebook post in a group called Whites4BlackLives by Matt Mullis the other day in which he claimed to have reported someone associated with the Kenosha Guard to the FBI as a potential domestic terrorist for defending Kyle Rittenhouse. The man he reported goes by the name Damon Sauer and the statement of his that Mullis claims to have reported to the FBI reads as follows:

"Matt Mullis we went to protect businesses. He is legally allowed to do that. On the way he was attacked by armed people – self defense" – Damon Sauer

We are members of the Whites4BlackLives Facebook group because we are literally whites for black lives. We are big supporters of Black Lives Matter and their fight against police misconduct. We believe that if the laws were changed to prevent black people from being mistreated by the police that it would have a trickle down effect benefiting everyone. We are not however whites for snitch lives, which is why we do not support snitches that legitimize the police by seeking their help even if the people they are snitching on are pro-Trump Back the Blue types.

Mullis has since posted a follow up in which he claims that the group has been infiltrated by white supremacists and that the people he snitched on have been sending him pictures of his kids, but he admits that his Facebook profile is public when he says it should be private (

According to Mullis' Facebook page, he currently works at the Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany, Georgia. Mullis claimed to have encountered Sauer in a group for Gulf War veterans, so Sauer was probably a comrade in arms with Mullis at one time. That means that Mullis ratted out a fellow Gulf War veteran. What kind of veteran rats out his fellow veterans? #mattmullis #kylerittenhouse #damonsauer #kenoshaguard #fbi

Source: Matt Mullis Claims to Have Reported Kenosha Guard Members to the FBI

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