March 26, 2023
Someone Told on Hammer Properties NW, INC in Bellingham

"This company endangered the lives of my family members by illegally performing service INSIDE the home of my high-risk family members without face coverings or other adequate protection and in violation of the law during a pandemic!!! Please protect the community by fining and stopping them before they kill us all. Greedy fools who call themselves christians. Their god won't protect them from the multimillion dollar law suit if my high risk family members get sick or die." – Michael Powers
The aforementioned complaint was filed by Michael Powers in Monroe, WA 98272, Washington on Wednesday May 13, 2020 with No Agency against Champagne Reflections saying, Business function performed that is non-essential. Email address given was and phone number given was 425-259-8054. #michaelpowers #champagnereflections #residentialwindowwashington

Source: Michael Powers Snitched on Champagne Reflections in Monroe, WA 98272

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