March 26, 2023
People Snitching on Louis Garrick Fernbaugh in Portland, Oregon

Louis Garrick Fernbaugh is a former U.S. Navy SEALs instructor and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) contractor that now lives in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. He was involved with a local company called Red Frog Team for awhile where he trained local law enforcement as well as civilians seeking police type training. On August 8, 2020 somebody or possibly two people set off a series of what look like homemade flash bang grenades near protesters in Laurelhurst Park and outside the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) on East Burnside. Some time after the Laurelhurst blasts, Fernbaugh was caught on camera leaving the park with a tactical helmet equipped with night vision Goggles in one hand ( Since the incident, the Portland Police announced that they were investigating the incident and this week the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced that they too have launched an investigation. Our question is, unless people are snitching then where did the Portland Police and FBI get the information that formed the basis for their investigation?

Video of this incident was caught by several live streamers. The Portland Police and FBI watch these streams for the purpose of gathering incriminating information about protesters. Is it possible that the Portland Police and FBI watched this footage on their own and decided to launch official investigations based solely on their own people viewing the footage themselves? Yes, it is entirely possible and the high profile nature of the incident increases the likelihood that law enforcement personnel monitoring the situation might see it as a chance to make an example of somebody, but that probably is not the case. Police do start investigations about stuff they see in plain view all the time, but usually those are cases where a suspect can be arrested immediately based on what the officer witnesses. Cases such as Fernbaugh's almost always require someone to file a police report.

"We do not have any photographs, video, or anything of him throwing the explosive device. We cannot move forward until we have someone in person talk to us, or at least identify themselves positively, give us a witness account of this." – Portland Police Bureau

That account sounds like no witnesses have come forward to snitch on Fernbaugh, but it could just as easily mean that whoever filed the police report was not in the park. It could have easily been a viewer at home that could not possibly place Fernbaugh in the park at that exact moment. According to Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) at least one person has come forward to give the FBI evidence (see source link above article). That person is named Shauna Snider and she is credited with giving the FBI a dud that was thrown at her and others in Laurelhurst Park that night, so despite the PPB's denial there is at least one person that has come forward to give information. She explained the silence of the others by saying "It would be pretty absurd to ask 30 people who have just been beaten and rushed out by cops to call cops for help," even though she did something she herself calls "absurd" by turning the duds into the FBI. It is absurd for anyone that is against the police, especially if they openly protest police brutality, to turn around and cooperate with the police for any reason. People that do that are snitches plain and simple. One cannot deny being a snitch just because the person they snitched on threw "bombs" in Laurelhurst Park or that the person is an alleged Nazi. Snitching on Nazis is still snitching. One cannot say that they are not a snitch based of the political beliefs of the person they snitch on. This seems to be a double standard that people associated with the Antifa movement have demonstrated in recent years. Fernbaugh himself mentioned this double standard on Twitter before deleting his account:

"When someone gives ANTIFA a dose of their own medicine, they run to the police for protection … Isn't that a direct contradiction?" – Garrick Fernbaugh

The answer is of course yes, that is a contradiction. We alluded to this contradiction on Twitter as soon as we heard that the Portland Police were investigating:

"Who's the #snitch protesting #policebrutality that went to the #cops? Filing #policecomplaints for any reason is no way to lead by example for people seeking to #DefundThePolice. Sounds like people know who it was anyway, so they should man up and handle it themselves. #putinwork" – Cop Blaster (

What did we mean by "handle it themselves?" We meant that if they have a problem with Fernbaugh they should handle it themselves with Fernbaugh directly. Do some of that direct action they are always talking about like picketing his house, doxxing him, or otherwise keeping up public pressure on him. Whey don't they protest at Fernbaugh's house? We don't know because we are not Antifa members and our only correspondence with people in those circles take place online. Our guess is that they are too scared to protest at his place because they know he has weapons, knows how to use those weapons, and they think he is unhinged enough to actually fight back should they go there. We see this kind of behavior with Antifa whenever they encounter armed groups or individuals. They will circle up on someone or some small armed group only to call them cowards for carrying guns. Their argument is that only cowards carry guns and that if they were not cowards they would face the mob without weapons, but can't the same be said of the mob if its members retreat whenever they don't have numbers or their numbers are nullified by weapons? Of course it can because it is the same thing. Antifa does not fare well when the odds are even or not in their favor. If you don't believe us watch all the times they have failed to hold the line at their protests, which has been the case at almost every one of them. Whenever the police push on them, they run away. They might put up some passive resistance and come back later after getting pushed out, but they never really fight in a meaningful way.

We can say similar things about the Black Lives Matter organizations, but members of BLM tend to be more gangster than Antifa for the most part, so we hold them in a little higher regard. Unfortunately, they have some dirty laundry of their own. One such example is Demetria Hester, the founder of Moms United for Black Lives (, and self described "hate crime" survivor. The official narrative that the mainstream media has adopted for her is that she was attacked on the Max by a white supremacist named Jeremy Christian and was lucky to survive after she spoke out against him for supposedly saying something like "I am a neo-Nazi here to recruit others." If that were true then we would not be quite as critical of her, but it is not true. Jeremy Christian is not a white supremacist or if he is then he certainly is not like any other white supremacist that this author has done time with and he certainly is not a Nazi. The video footage from the Max that night shows Jeremy arguing with Demetria, an argument this author is sure he started, but he probably did not claim to be a neo-Nazi or if he did he was lying as part of being the public transit troll that he was. Video from outside the train clearly shows Jeremy turning to walk away from Demetria when she attacks him with mace, he then tried to keep walking as she followed him with the mace, and then he threw the booze filled plastic bottle that was in his hand at her face. Jeremy was convicted of assault for the incident by a jury that cared more about him being racist than the truth. When Jeremy was sentenced he said to Demetria:

"I agree with a lot of what she said about the criminal justice system. I don't like it either, but you can't get up here and snitch and talk about the criminal justice system that you're using to prosecute me while you sit there and snitch on me. Ok, that's hypocrisy plain and simple." – Jeremy Christian (

Demetria pushed the narrative that the Portland Police ignored her complaints about Jeremy because they were racist. We thought at first that they must have watched the video footage, but have since learned that it takes a few days for police to get that footage, so we really are not sure why they ignored her. They could have been ignoring her for being black as she says. We find it hard to believe that had a white woman called the police with a black eye and accused a drunk black man with as many other witnesses as she had that the black man would not have been arrested, but that is because black men are far more likely to be wrongfully arrested based on lack of evidence than white men are. The proper remedy for that is not to start wrongfully arresting white men. The proper remedy is to stop wrongfully arresting black men. Demetria herself was wrongfully arrested at a protest recently ( We spoke out against that and made sure to recommend her Facebook group and endorse her recent protest activities because like Jeremy we support that, and agree with a lot of what she says about the police and the criminal justice system. We just wish we could voice our support for those views without also supporting a snitch.

The day after his run in with Demetira, Jeremy was attacked on the Max by known Antifa activist Micah Fletcher for his obnoxious and allegedly racist ranting ( By "allegedly racist" we mean that the only consistent version of the rant we have heard supports Jeremy's claim that the most offensive thing he said was:

"You guys want to hear my plan for world peace? If you want world peace, all you have to do is get one billion Christians and one billion Muslims to kill each other, then all the Jews will kill themselves because they will have no one left to manipulate!" – Jeremy Christian

By consistent we mean that all but one witness appeared to go into the trial without an agenda and that witness reported hearing him say stuff like "if you don't like free speech go to Saudi Arabia" ( The media and Antifa spun the story to make it sound like Jeremy was targeting two black girls with racist anti-Muslim speech, that Fletcher was bravely standing up for them, and that Jeremy stabbed three people for standing up against racism. The truth is that Jeremy is an autistic man with PTSD that is predisposed to react defensively before he has time to think about what he is doing, Micah Fletcher recognized him from a free speech rally the previous month where he was spent most of the afternoon insulting Antifa, and threw Jeremy on the ground repeatedly before he stabbed him. He ended up getting convicted on every count and sentenced to the maximum consecutively on each one despite clearly suffering from a diminished mental capacity ( His jury, like most juries, voted with their hearts and not their minds. Juries tend to focus most on who they think is most to blame for emotional distress suffered by victims or their families with no regard for what the law really says.

In cases like Jeremy Christian's, Antifa has shown that they have no problem working with the police as long as they believe that the person being prosecuted is a fascist, white supremacist, racist, homophobic, nativist, etc. This is especially true when they feel that they have no other recourse against them but working with the police. That is why we believe that there are people with Antifa that are giving information about Fernbaugh to law enforcement.

People that make up groups like Antifa are not real criminals for the most part. Real criminals live by a code of honor that does not permit snitching. Groups like Antifa do break the law a lot, but they are not real criminals. They break laws as part of politically motivated protest activities against laws or policies that they consider unjust. When those laws or policies change they stop breaking the law to protest them. We at Cop Blaster feel the same way about ourselves, especially the founder because he went to prison fighting back against government sanctioned harassment and stayed locked up for the violent removal of a federal employee from office. Had the government not green lighted an Antifa-like individual to harass him for the purpose of provoking an unlawful response that would give them legal resource against his lawful business that they otherwise would not have had, he would never have gone to prison. The local government usually works with Antifa-like individuals hand in hand in such situations. When their unlawful actions are exposed, the government uses their discretionary privileges to give their accomplices immunity from prosecution, and then they white wash their crimes as the result of emotional distress inflicted on them by the person being prosecuted even if the emotional distress was not the result of unlawful conduct.

Members of right wing protest groups also break laws and claim lack of criminality based on protest. This author was locked up with a number of people associated with the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom militias led by Ammon Bundy. They would say that even though they technically broke the law that they are not criminals because they were exercising their 2nd Amendment rights in response to unconstitutional government overreach. We agree with them on those issues because in their case, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) had been unlawfully killing cattle when they only had the legal right to seize them for auction and they persecuted innocent ranchers for a forest fire that started as a controlled burn. In Bunkerville, Nevada the militias successfully deterred the BLM from seizing the Bundy Ranch in 2014 ( In 2016, Dwight and Steven Hammond were wrongfully convicted of arson for a controlled burn that they started on their land to prevent forest fires because the fire spread to BLM land. To protest the Hammond's persecution, Citizens for Constitutional Freedom occupied part of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge where they setup defensive positions and held those positions for almost six weeks. Unlike Antifa, these protesters had what it took to hold their ground. They were all heavily armed and the FBI knew that they were brave enough to fight back should the FBI move in on them. The protest ended after militia leaders including Bundy were arrested during a series of highway ambushes setup by the Oregon State Police (OSP) and the FBI. At one stop Robert LaVoy Finicum was murdered with his hands in the air by OSP Trooper Casey Michael Codding and Bundy's brother Ryan was shot in the shoulder ( A federal jury in Oregon acquitted the Bundy's of all charges later that year and the Nevada case was thrown out for prosecutorial misconduct. The Hammonds were eventually pardoned by President Donald Trump with what remains one of Trump's few good Presidential decisions. In recent weeks Bundy has reached out to members of the BLM movement because he too sees the need defund the police.

Trump's pardon of the Hammonds and his violent crackdown on BLM are examples of how the two party system is used to divide and conquer the American people. Right now the Republican president is trampling on the rights of liberals so badly that a Democrat will surely win the next election. When a Democrat is elected he will give the liberals a break, maybe even pardon a few, and start trampling on conservatives. People that are smart enough to see this for what it is are considered so dangerous to those in charge that they are quickly discredited by the mainstream media, put in prison, killed, or all of the above. That is the fascist state that we live in no matter who's in the White House. Unfortunately, most people are just sheeple that do what they think will earn them the most friends, so they gravitate towards the left or the right based on their perceptions of their surroundings with no ideal what is really going on. Whatever group they join will always think the other is evil and will never be willing to work with them. This division almost certainly assures that the process will keep repeating forever. #garrickfernbaugh #fbi #antifa #shaunasnider #blacklivesmatter

Source: People Snitching on Louis Garrick Fernbaugh in Portland, Oregon

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