March 25, 2023
Danya Snitched on Snap fitness in Bremerton

"Gary Merlino construction is carrying on deafening scorpion drilling on Main St. and Alaskan Way in Pioneer Square downtown Seattle. They are NOT WEARING MASKS and there are about 20 construction workers in front of our building daily. The construction workers are standing about a 12 inches away from each other when talking without masks, and they are interacting closely & joking around with COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF HOMELESS people who MAY BE SICK WITH COVID 19. Please shut this NON ESSENTIAL CONSTRUCTION DOWN FOR THE SAKE OF TENANTS AND RESIDENTS OF MAIN ST PIONEER SQUARE. WE CITIZENS ARE SOCIALLY DISTANCING AND YOU ARE PUTTING US AT RISK by PLACING THESE CONSTRUCTION WORKERS WHO ARE NOT WEARING MASKS OF ANY KIND a few feet from OUR GROUND FLOOR UNIT. We half to walk past them to walk our elderly dog. Help us stay safe by stopping this Alaskan way construction! Is the Alaskan Way construction “essential” during GLOBAL PANDEMIC COVID 19? Or is Gary Merlino’s lucrative contract more VALUABLE TO YOU THAN downtown residents’ lives? Do you care about the citizens WHO LIVE IN PIONEER SQUARE? Homeless people are running rampant all over Pioneer Square and interacting with the construction workers in CLOSE PROXIMITY. Help us!!" – Peter Walberg
The aforementioned complaint was filed by Peter Walberg in Seattle, Washington on Tuesday March 31, 2020 with L&I against Gary Merlino Construction saying Non-essential business is open. Email address given was and phone number given was . #peterwalberg #garymerlinoconstruction #construction

Source: Peter Walberg Snitched on Gary Merlino Construction in Seattle

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