March 22, 2023
Someone Told on Hammer Properties NW, INC in Bellingham

"Employees are not wearing masks and there is no shield between customers and cashiers (less than 2' away). Aisles are small and not marked with directional arrows. Customers coming in with whole families with no protective equipment. Employees refusing to wear masks even when asked (saying they'd rather catch the virus and "get immunity". PLEASE HELP" – Rebecca Potter
The aforementioned complaint was filed by Rebecca Potter in Snohomish,, Washington on Wednesday May 6, 2020 with No Agency against Cenex saying, Essential business not following social distancing requirements. Email address given was and phone number given was 2064063051. #rebeccapotter #cenex #snohomishcoop

Source: Rebecca Potter Snitched on Cenex in Snohomish,

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