March 24, 2023
Someone Told on Hammer Properties NW, INC in Bellingham

Sarah Cordova told on in the state of Washington by reporting someone to the governor's stay at home snitching website for allegedly violating the state's stay at home order. She gave the phone number 425-275-2786 which is listed as belonging to a DOREEN L DICKINSON.

The email sent by s.cordova18[at] on April fool's day was as follows:

"So I work for a backup nanny agency. Their headquarters is out of state but they have clients here in Seattle. I have no problem working for families that work outside of the home but they are still sending us to homes where people are working at home. The other day I was sent to a home with 3 adults. The families are asking me to take the kids to the park and if I refuse to go to a home where adults are in home and non essential my job is threatening to fire us. Ive been offered a new job where I can work remotely but Im concerned for former coworkers." #sarahcordova #care #socialdistancing #doreendickenson

Source: Sarah Cordova? Told on of Massachusetts in Washington

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