March 24, 2023
Someone Told on Hammer Properties NW, INC in Bellingham

Sheri Balken reported Vacasa's alleged operations in Rhododendron, Oregon to the social distancing police in the state of Washington. If substantiated, her allegations could never be a violation of Governor Inslee's social distancing guidelines for the simple fact that Inslee is the governor of the state of Washington and not Oregon. To violate executive orders made by the governor of a state one must be in that state.

The phone number given by "Sheri" is listed as belonging to one Sheri Balken at the above mentioned address and that number is 5305199925. Sheri listed her email address as ecochick.sheri[at] and her complaint was as follows:

"They are currently renting their properties which adds to our small local resources being depleted. People are walking around with loose dogs and not using appropriate distancing practices. Another local Vacation Rental has halted all their operations, which we appreciate greatly. Vacasa is being blatant and incredibly insensitive to the local negative impact they are having in Rhododendron, Welches and all surrounding areas." #sheribalken #vacasa #socialdistancing

Source: Sheri Balken Told Washington About Vacasa's Alleged Oregon…

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