March 24, 2023
Someone Told on Anthony Joseph in Bellevue, WA

"Apple Vallley dental and braces is opening up its orthodontics and fully opening general dental, oral surgery as well. There is no gowns for the employees to wear, no face shields, only level 1 masks for the employees to wear and level 2 if oral surgery is being performed with no face shield or gown to be worn. Told if the employees are uncomfortable with just 1 level 1 mask the they can double them. This is very concerning and also the fact that it's not emergency appointments being done. This office as well as all the other offices of Apple Valley dental and Braces are being fully opened. packed schedule, 100+ patients in general dental side of office and 80-100 patients scheduled for orthodontics side , which should not be open yet, oral surgery as well. I believe this goes against what governor inslee has put in place. Orthodontics , non emergency dental, oral surgery I read is not allowed yet and this company is going forward with it." – Anonymous
The aforementioned complaint was filed in Pasco, Washington on Wednesday May 13, 2020 with DOH against Apple Valley Dental and Braces saying, Business function performed that is non-essential. No email address was given and no phone number was given. #applevalleydentalandbraces #healthrelatedbusiness

Source: Someone Told on Apple Valley Dental and Braces in Pasco

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