March 22, 2023
Nancy Main Snitched on Rey Landscaping and irrigation in Maple Valley

"My neighbor who owns this company insists on working as a landscaper even though it is considered a non-essential business. My concern is primarily that he and MANY other landscaping companies are still working, many of these companies have many people on staff – sure, working outside but we are mandated to stay home if possible. This is not his families primary income and I'm concerned he's just one of many alike companies who thinks this does not apply to them. I would like to remain anonymous if possible. Thank you very much." –
The aforementioned complaint was filed in Edmonds, Washington on Tuesday March 31, 2020 with L&I against Campos Yard Service/ Jesse Campos saying Non-essential business is open. Email address given was and phone number given was . #camposyardservicejessecampos #landscaping

Source: Someone Told on Campos Yard Service Jesse Campos in Edmonds

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