March 23, 2023
Someone Told on Anthony Joseph in Bellevue, WA

""Regular " with dog allowed to sit at bar, consume food and served alcohol. Saw this happen each time I went for take out. The "regular" who's dog was actually walking on the bartop, was not waiting to pick up his food to go, but was hanging out. Had been there for a while and even though I had to wait for a long time for my food he was being served alcohol and was still there when I left. I recognize him because I am also a regular at this location. Never mind that the dog does not really qualify as a service animal. He is not supposed to be sitting there, drinking with the cook, sitting shoulder to shoulder with him." – Anonymous
The aforementioned complaint was filed in Spokane, Washington on Wednesday May 13, 2020 with LCB against Flamin' Joes saying, Essential business not following social distancing requirements. No email address was given and no phone number was given. #flaminjoes #restaurantorfoodservicebusiness

Source: Someone Told on Flamin' Joes in Spokane

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