March 24, 2023
Ryan Quimby Snitched on GoWireless in Marysville

"I have avoided Fred Meyer since the I shopped there very early in the morning just before the stay-Home- order. The reason I didn't want to return is the store was crowded. I have shopped elsewhere in town and felt safe, and respected store managers/owners and staff practicing safety. I went to Fred Meyer today for some home goods and was appalled that perhaps a few more saftey measures have been put in place (plastic guards by cashiers, designated spots to stand in line), the store is crowded. It was my choice to go in and I did and wore a mask. I will not go back. I feel terribly for the staff, on the front lines working in these conditions. Other stores as I said in Bellingham monitor crowds, Fred Meyers does not or at least I have not observed that it does. To what end? At what cost?I hope something is done to protect the workers there as well as shoppers. And on that note, there were many not wearing masks. Thank you," – Anonymous
The aforementioned complaint was filed in Bellingham, Washington on Saturday May 2, 2020 with No Agency against Fred Meyer saying, Essential business not following social distancing requirements. No email address was given and no phone number was given. #fredmeyer #grocery

Source: Someone Told on Fred Meyer in Bellingham

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