March 23, 2023
Ryan Quimby Snitched on GoWireless in Marysville

"As 5-4-20 all drivers are now required to make cold call sales stops face to face with proof of contact, into any and all business. This is needlessly putting all employees at risk. I have spoken with a representative at the governor's office on two occasions and both confirmed this behavior was non essential and dangerous. please put a stop to this as soon as possible. time is of the essence. thank you." – Anonymous
The aforementioned complaint was filed in Everett, WA., Washington on Friday May 8, 2020 with No Agency against Pacific Breeze saying, Business function performed that is non-essential. No email address was given and no phone number was given. #pacificbreeze #supplycompany

Source: Someone Told on Pacific Breeze in Everett, WA.

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