March 26, 2023
Someone Told on Anthony Joseph in Bellevue, WA

Thomas Russell found a way to use the coronavirus pandemic to get back at collections agencies. Report them to the State of Washington as non-essential businesses operating in violation of the state's stay at home order. The problem with this is that even if people were gathering at a call center to bother him, the company is based in Norfolk, Virginia, so that order does not apply to them. Plus, they probably have enough sense to have all their telemarketers call their targets from their homes. One of the good things about using phones to call people is that you can do that from home.

Thomas Russell listed the phone number 3606891261 when he sent his complaint on April 4th and listed his email address as ram1500owner[at] So, he probably drives or has driven a Dodge Ram pickup truck. His message was as follows:

"So collection agencies are allowed to harass people during this? They called my home at 820am today looking for someone else however this is considered essential business? You made this stupid ass order now I'm going to ensure ITS ENFORCED ACROSS THE BOARD . PHONE NUMBER WAS 5095635029" #thomasrussell #portfoliorecovery #coronavirus

Source: Thomas Russell Reported Portfolio Recovery for Collections Calls

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