March 23, 2023

We respect your right to free speech and encourage your to exercise it here, but we don't support using so much foul language that it basically turns this website into an adult website. You are welcome to edit your report and resubmit it via your account manager so long as you do not use foul language or talk about her love life. That is not what this site is for. If she really did rat out someone then by all means say so, but spare people the details that you are already using more mature sites to expose.

We have noticed your work elsewhere in our network and have not removed it because the site you have been using up until now was created specifically for exposing certain romantic details about people. Please limit your disclosures of that nature to that site.

Thank you. #jillianquist #jillianjones

Source: To The Person That Reported Jillian Quist

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