March 31, 2023

Disclaimers contains a collection of information including original content, content created by end users, syndicated content from other websites, harvested content, and third party advertising. This section contains a disclaimer for each type of content so that you can analyze it in the proper context and avoid forming any misleading impressions.

Legal Disclaimer – User Generated Content (UGC)

UGC – Definition

Material published using and comments made in response to such material in which the user name of the publisher is not SnitchesUSA are created by end users on this platform. This user generated content (UGC) is the sole creation of the user who created it. In order to use’s publishing service users must agree to the Terms of Use (TOU). The TOU is a contract between the end user and in which the end user agrees to assume full legal responsibility for content published by them through the service.

UCG – Pitfalls

It is possible for UGC to be inaccurate or otherwise objectionable for reasons including, but not necessarily limited to a fabrication by the publisher, inaccurate sources used by the publisher, or a change in real world factors that have rendered the publication out of date. Since false and misleading statements are possible does not assert that any information published by end users is accurate in any way other than being an accurate representation of data as it exists in a database. This means that every report is a 100% true and genuine representation of a combination of strings consisting of alphanumeric and non-alphanumeric characters as they exists in at any given time in columns grouped by row numbers. This does not mean that the characters are arranged in a manner that represents any true facts, only that the user arranged them in the way that they appear.

Legal Disclaimer – Content Created by is responsible for all static content on this website. Static content is content not derived from our database. Pages consisting solely of static content include the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Legal Disclaimers (this page), Contact Us, Sign Up Form, Members Only Dashboard, and Password Recovery pages. Other pages including the Home Page and individual Member Profiles as well as the and comments posted there contain a combination of static and dynamic content. Dynamic content is content derived from a database that consists of a combination of user generated content (UGC) and content produced or automatically aggregated by Content produced by is either pure opinion, based on published sources, or opinion based on published sources. does not assert that information gathered from any published source is in fact true or that opinions based on published sources accurately reflect any true facts. We simply claim that information was published, that our bot categorized it as foul speech, and that the foul speech of the author has been preserved. It is possible for our bot to inadvertently categorize speech that is not foul as foul speech, because of the potential for false positives we disclaim that any speech on this site may in fact not be foul unless it can be independently verified as such. We consider speech to be foul when it falls into any category on this website. When speech falls into a relevant category we consider the author of that speech to be a foul speaker and our bot automatically preserves their work for others to see. The original authors of external sources are responsible for the validity of their work.

Legal Disclaimer – Syndicated Content may at times elect to display syndicated content from APIs or Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds belonging to other websites. does not control the content of third party APIs or RSS feeds. Those websites are solely responsible for the content of their feeds.

Legal Disclaimer -Harvested Content

The bulk of the content displayed on is harvested by automated means from elsewhere on the internet. is not responsible for content that is automatically harvested from other parts of the internet. This includes content created by users of other platforms. This content is the same as UGC because it is UGC, just not UGC posted on directly by the user. The users of these other platforms are responsible for this content and to some extent those platforms may be responsible for it. does not assert that any auto-generated content is true or accurate beyond accurately displaying what was found elsewhere. does not conduct any sort of pre-publication moderation and is not responsible for the presence of undesirable content in its search results. does not audit content.

Legal Disclaimer – Third Party Advertising features banner, text, and other advertising. The content of these ads and pages that they link to is determined by companies that serve as an intermediary between and companies whose ads appear on We do not control the content of these advertisements and are not responsible for them.

Accidental Scraping of Unaffiliated Advertisements

We have recently become aware that our bot sometimes scrapes advertisements from other websites. These include their removal services that we do not work with. We are working on finding ways to keep this from happening. We do not work with those services.

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