April 1, 2023
Andrew Chambers Made Millions is DEA Rewards

Andrew Chambers has made millions traveling across the country, smooth talking his way into drug circles, and ratting out everyone. By all accounts Chambers appears to be a total sociopath. The only difference between sociopaths in jail and Andrew Chambers is that Chambers chose to work for the police. He is so calculating, heartless, and personable that he would have made a great candidate for President of the United States.

Unfortunately for Chambers, he himself has a criminal background that disqualifies him for holding an elected office. His convictions include forgery and soliciting a prostitute. He has also been accused of not reporting money paid to him by the government to the IRS. In some he even swore under oath that he did not have a record to appear more credible at trial only to be called out later on appeal.

After high profile allegations of perjury the DEA essentially fired Chambers in the early 2000s only to re-activate him as recently as 2013. #andrewchambers #dea #liars

Source: Andrew Chambers Made Millions is DEA Rewards

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