March 22, 2023
Bossier City Celebrity Snitch

He was selling drugs with his boss and co-worker and they all got caught up. Steven snitched on his boss to get on probation with no jail time unlike the other two. He is wanted for questioning by the sheriff's for child porn and other illegal things he was surfing on the web. He fled Louisiana and went to Texas. After a few months in Texas he gets pulled over and doesn't even have a warrant from his probation officer, so not only was he on probation but he was in drug classes. He left behind his grandmother and his girlfriend. I drove by and seen six sheriff cars at his house that day so it was some serious stuff going on. With all of that he is still walking around free. He is known as Dope Santa because he is so free with his dope will fuck around with ANY chick. Will lie, cheat, snitch, and steal for some pussy. #stevenbarnes #dopesanta #hiv #shreveport #bossier #dope #liar #shady

Source: Bossier City Celebrity Snitch

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