March 22, 2023
Criminal Informant Kunal Kalra aka "coinman"

Kunal Kalra is a sociopath, informant, and racist. Not only did he launder millions of dollars in the Westwood neighborhood though a bitcoin ATM, he killed innocent people with fentanyl pills he had manufactured in Texas and sold on the dark web (specifically a vet in North Carolina). Kunal became an informant in 2018 and hired the most expensive attorney in Los Angeles, paying well over a million in cash to the attorney who was "golf buddies" with his judge. Sounds suspicious right? Next, he committed bankruptcy fraud when his account was seized while still having millions of dollars in offshore accounts. Then, he went on to get 6 other people arrested by FBI before checking into federal prison. He was also Nipsy Hussle's bitcoin broker before his death (yes, Kunal had turned Nipsy in on his client list). While in prison in 2020, he testified in multiple cases, all cases that are sealed, and had no remorse for the lives he was destroying or the people who had died because of his drugs or botched investigations. Off the top of my head, I can count 4 people who died as a direct or indirect result of Kunal. This monster ended up serving less then a year and a half in prison when he was suppose to serve 20 years to life. Kunal is currently out on probation in Los Angeles and frequents dating sites such as Seeking Arrangement trying to entrap women into his crime schemes or pay for sex. This man is very dangerous, STAY AWAY FROM HIM. #informantbitcoindojviolentdrugdealer

Source: Criminal Informant Kunal Kalra aka "coinman"

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