March 31, 2023
Johnny Geisinger Portland, Maine SNITCH!!

Snitched on a drug case out of Old Orchard Beach in Maine. Was a SIS informant at Lewisburg and Florence. He's a weasel that will be whatever he has to be in order to survive. The paperwork is out there. He was outted by his lame ass "Boston" car, but only after he was already in the hole. Took an active role in getting an Outlaws MC member hit at Florence as well as a NLR and Brand prospect. This was before his "car" released the snitch paperwork that they just happened to find when the heat was on their ass. He has a family that sends money wherever, and his buddies needed to get high. No more words needed. If ya know, ya know!! #maine #bop #geisinger #eastcoast #eaco

Source: Johnny Geisinger Portland, Maine SNITCH!!

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