March 31, 2023
Junkie, Thief, Pedifile, Snitch

Dude literally just went on the run for skipping a piss test with PO and had a journey of shooting up, stealing, lying to every person he spoke to, taking stolen items from one place and putting them in other peoples houses or vehicles then blaming others and letting the folks he took it from know where the things were, had people run hide him out and run to get his shit for him just so he could know the time and location to have his buddy tell the local law when and where to get em, info came from a source that cant get no closer to the piece of shit and broke down crying as she spilled her guts out of everything she saw and heard him discuss over the phone as well as watch him kick in her door and steal her shit and of coarse blame it on someone else, hes currently in Allegheny I guess because the last dude told him he would get his shit for him but wasnt really going to and sure enough he was stopped by 3 officers for get this.. running a stop sign lol.. yall really think he ran the stop sign? I dont either, anyway spread the word hopefully he gets whats deserved, and the pedifile deal was an accusation that his aunt took him to court over with her daughter but no showed so yall decide that #commitscrimetosetpeopleupwithhisbuddycoletosavetheirass

Source: Junkie, Thief, Pedifile, Snitch

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