March 24, 2023
Someone Told on Anthony Joseph in Bellevue, WA

Okay so there's a female out there by the name of Aaliyah Garcia who claims that she's a stripper she is a very known mixed breed well if you ever get around this girl please don't reveal any incriminating information about yourself for your surroundings because a while after you do you will soon find yourself fighting for ur freedom she always has an Iphone on she has blue hair and she's really good with hacking banking accounts and credit cards she is protected by ROPE team because she's singing like a birdie…… She's from San Antonio Texas and hangs with a little girl who's 23 years old that claims to be her daughter by the name of Jocelyn her last it's still yet unknown Jocelyn is good with phones she can pretty much hack anybody's phone with just their IP address she's dark skinny and is always blabbing about something she don't even know about but really she's playing a role of a fool so don't be fooled…. #mixbreedexstripperwithglasses

Source: Mix breed stripper with glasses she also has blue hair

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