March 25, 2023
Stop Snitching Advocate Snitch Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond

James Rosemond a.k.a. Jimmy Rosemond a.k.a. Jimmy Henchman was one of the biggest names in music business during the 1990s. He managed rapper The Game and was mentioned by name in a song by Tupac. During that time Rosemond was an outspoken anti-snitch advocate and promoter of the "stop snitching" movement. Unfortunately for Rosemond, he is now serving a life sentence based on several convictions alleging all kinds of things including murder for hire.

In 2010 NY Daily News published a downward departure motion in which Rosemond's lawyer argued that the "stop snitching" advocate should get a lighter sentence for snitching. Rosemond's lawyer later released a statement saying that his client is not a rat because none of the information he gave was helpful. Court records say otherwise. Since this is a disputed allegation readers should judge the relevant parts of the motion for themselves. You can download the entire 133 page PDF at or by clicking on the PDF icon above this article. The parts of interest to us are as follows:

"This rehabilitation includes but is not limited to … his providing of assistance to North Carolina prison authorities to prevent an escape attempt by inmates at a local facility where Mr. Resemond was housed in 1996, his willingness to be debriefed by state and federal prosecutors and agents in New York in 1997 and 1998 regarding historical criminal investigations … " (pages 2-3). "In September of 1996, while incarcerated at the Vance County Detention Center awaiting trial in North Carolina, Mr. Rosemond placed himself at risk of severe personal injury when he alerted jail officials that four inmates were preparing to escape from the facility. Mr. Rosemond's efforts prevented the escape and the inmates were caught. Lieutenant Ronald Morris of Vance County Detention Center testified under oath about Mr. Rosemond's cooperation at Mr. Rosemond's sentencing hearing in North Carolina (citation omitted). Mr. Rosemond was forced to spend several days in solitary confinement in North Carolina because jail officials were concerned that the other inmates would seek retribution against Mr. Rosemond for alerting the officials about the planned escape attempt. Mr. Rosemond's willingness to assist in the prevention of the escape demonstrates that he is an individual who has turned his life around." (pages 13-14). "In 1997 … Mr. Rosemond entered into a cooperation agreement with the State of New York … and provided the authorities with information about the jail officials who altered the paperwork to allow Mr. Rosemond to post bail … In 1998 … Mr. Rosemond entered into a cooperation proffer agreement with the United States Attorney's Office in the Eastern District … Mr. Rosemond answered all of their questions, was truthful, and corroborated information that the government had received from other reliable sources. Although the government did not call Mr. Rosemond as a witness at the trial in that case, the defendant was convicted, thus confirming the accuracy of the information provided by Mr. Rosemond to the government." (pages 14-15).

The above is a textbook example of snitch paperwork. One cannot make such claims through counsel and then discredit them by saying it was made up or that they only gave a little bit of information. This author spent over a year on the yard at USP Victorville. If anyone showed up there with this type of paperwork and tried to say that it just wasn't true they would have been smashed or worse. At least that is how the whites handle their business. The blacks might have lower standards for rich people, but they hate snitches too.

According to the testimony of Ronald D. Morris he "received a call from a female from out of state indicating that she was the girlfriend of Mr. Rosemond … she stated that she had just gotten off the phone with Mr. Rosemond and he was being solicited to participate in an attempted escape from the detention center … he indicated to me … some local state inmates were attempting to escape." (pages 33-34).

In prison anyone that discloses information during monitored phone calls that the guards can use against inmates is a phone snitch. It does not matter if you ask your girl to pass the info for your. You are still a rat.

Additional documents show that Rosemond did in fact have proffer agreements (pages 37-40).

The website for the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) lists the following data pertaining to Rosemond:

Register Number: 17903-054
Age: 55
Race: Black
Sex: Male
Located at: Hazelton USP
Release Date: LIFE

This author is shocked to see someone with Rosemond's paperwork designated to an active USP like Hazelton. That is the same place where Whitey Bulger was killed. Rosemond is probably in protective custody awaiting transfer to a PC yard. #jamesrosemond #famoussnitches #usphazelton #ronaldmorris

Source: Stop Snitching Advocate Snitch Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond

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