March 24, 2023
The Rat of Laporte Indiana Nigel Dion Ortiz

Nigel Dion Ortiz. Been arrested for everything from burglary-slangin. Been busted with meth, coke, couple Gs, hf pound of green and a scale all while on probation and still never seen the inside of the big wall. All this in a town that send mfers away for seeds and stems when on probation. No matter what Nigel does nigel never gets time. None of his Lawyers are anything. Never see Steve Snyder or Joseph Nugent or Elizabeth Flynn on his court info. He goes in with Public Defenders and gets out like hes got John Gotti's lawyer. Nigel has admitted to his friends to working with the detectives and trying to get his friends and baby mama Shiane Conley to help him think of someone to set up. Nigel has bragged to people about turning people in to get himself out of trouble. Him and his whole family a bunch of fuckboy punks Nigel Dion Ortiz, Dion Jr Ortiz, and Cody Shmidt. His cousin Cody called the Cops on my best friend when they came to fight when cody was talking shit! Fuckin LP RATS #nigeltherat #pabloortiz #nigelcodydion #theratpack

Source: The Rat of Laporte Indiana Nigel Dion Ortiz

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