April 1, 2023
Someone Told on Anthony Joseph in Bellevue, WA

Travis Bowles Is a working informant. He has been seen meeting with Mike Baker on many occasions. No wonder he gets released instantly when he violates his terms of his pre-trial release. Stay away from that rat ass piece of shit, unless you want to go to jail. I am also researching some other information that i have been hearing and that is that his crew (Shit balls) he hangs with are also doing the same thing.. Video is coming soon I am working on a list of some other people that decided to do something, knowing what they where doing was wrong and when the shit hits Holtzthe fan they act like they didn't know the consequences, so these simple minded, weak minded, pussy ass, need to run back home to mommy or granny looking ass bitches. You are no better then shit that comes out your ass when you take a dump, you all need to be flushed out of society. Wanna play but cant pay and half of you all are chomo's. The List that I have obtained from a very very good source and cost a costly penny to obtain, $1,500 to be exact. So Here is the first 5 of the list and I will list 5 per day until the list is done.

1a) Travis Bowles (Mike Bakers Lil Bitch)
1b) Jeremy Holtz
2) Travis Hodge
3) Tony Fisher
4) David Gipson
5) Tyrone Adams
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Source: Travis Bowles Is a working informant, Mike Bakers lil bitch..

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