March 31, 2023
Unicorn Snitch John Crawford of the Sierra Madre Tattler

John Crawford of Sierra Madre is the kind of guy that responds to accusations of cyberbullying by calling people derogatory names on the internet. I first encountered him while running a website called Cyberbullying Report where someone had felt that Mr. Crawford used his Sierra Madre Tattler blog to cyberbully people and posted a report about it. I responded to his complaint by looking at his site and I noticed that he is very opinionated person whose writing could anger people, so I basically told him that when you stir the pot people may react to it. I did not conclude that he was a cyberbully or that the person posting the report had lied. My conclusion was that based on the information before me that whether or not he is a cyberbully is matter of opinion that would best be settled between him and the person that put him on the site.

Then, after I got arrested the FBI sent out questionnaires to people that had complained about my websites and Mr. Crawford responded (his complaint has been uploaded). Then he started bashing me on his blog throughout my case calling me the "Unicorn Extortionist" among other things. So, basically, his response to being accused of cyberbullying is to start calling me the "Unicorn Extortionist" on his blog. Now I really see what this person he calls "Lady Elizabeth Wistar" must have been talking about. Seems Mr. Crawford can dish it out, but can't take it, which is the impression I got when reviewing his complaint years ago. #johncrawford #sierramadretattler #unicorns #cyberbullying

Source: Unicorn Snitch John Crawford of the Sierra Madre Tattler

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