March 31, 2023
Zachary Tyler Stowe Never Came Back from the Barber Shop

The last time I saw Zachary Tyler Stowe at USP Victorville he told me that he was off to the barber shop to get a haircut. He never came back and according to eyewitness accounts he was last seen entering the lieutenant's office before going to the hole. People that were in the hole said that he did not go to recreation with the alright white guys, which means that he checked in and by checked in I mean that he requested protective custody to get out of paying his bills. He owed a lot of people a lot of money and either could not afford to pay them or just decided that his money would be better spent on more heroin at another yard.

After he left, a friend of mine that co-signed for him on a purchase got stuck having to pay the black dude that hooked it up at least $100. Then, a couple weeks later, my celly was called to the lieutenant's office and when he came back he said that he was being asked questions about Zach. Like, did he owe people money or did he owe you money? The only way this could have happened is if Zach told the staff that he owed my celly money, which he did and this caused problems for me because my celly owed me money and needed Zach to pay him so that he could pay me. As a result I ended up forgiving some of the debt to help my celly because unlike Zach I don't burn my friends to save a buck. He is a junkie that should not be given a loan of any sort. #zacharytylerstowe #uspvictorville #checkedin #deadbeats #junkies

Source: Zachary Tyler Stowe Never Came Back from the Barber Shop

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