March 31, 2023
Protesters Serve Justice on Portland State Campus Public Safety Office

Justice has been served at the Portland State University Campus Public Safety Office in downtown Portland, Oregon. Mostly peaceful demonstrators with Antifa and/or Black Lives Matter improved the overall aesthetics of their main office tonight by removing the ugly glass windows that have been an eyesore there for so long.

Portland State University Campus Public Safety a.k.a. CPSO have been a danger to the student body for decades. This author found that out first hand in 2003 when Officer Greg Marks and his partner tried to put me in the back of their car. I fought as hard as I could, so they couldn't get me into the car despite being handcuffed and eventually a real cop from the Portland Police showed up, tased me multiple times, and only then were they able to put me in a hobble and take me to the jail. It was my first time there. I was a student at PSU at the time. They were mad because some snitch had called them on me for drinking underage and disabling his cell phone when he threatened to call CPSO. Unfortunately, another snitch was watching from nearby and called CPSO for him.

I was charged with assault IV but when I went to court they upped my charge to Assaulting a Public Safety Officer (APSO). I immediately retained a lawyer and told him that they were not real cops. He said that even though they did not carry are basically security guards that don't carry a taser or gun, and only patrol the campus, that technically they were considered public safety officers under the law because they are employed by the state. As a first time offender, my lawyer got the judge to treat it as a misdemeanor, so I dodged a felony conviction and did not have to serve any jail time.

I was also evicted from student housing as a result of this incident, so I moved into a small duplex being rented out by the PSU chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE). I had been a member of the Oregon State chapter of TKE the year before, so they let me join no questions asked. After getting tired of that place, I was able to exploit a bureaucratic loophole to get back into student housing. After moving into a campus apartment, Officer Marks tackled me one night and wrote me up as if he had to tackle me to keep himself from getting "assaulted" again. Even after Officer Marks testified that I never tried to hurt him I was found guilty of a conduct code violation for "conduct intended to harm another." The committee explained that I had violated the "spirit of the conduct code" after basically admitting there was no proof that I actually intended to hurt the guy. They said that my history could be used to determine my intent. That would never work in a court of law, but a university disciplinary committee is not restrained like the courts are. I immediately had my transcripts sent to the University of Oregon before they could apply a negative notation, so when I was suspended I was able to transfer immediately. I eventually graduated from U of O with a BS in Business Administration.

A few years ago the CPSO started carrying firearm and murdered a man #campussecurity #justiceserved #antifa #blacklivesmatter

Source: Protesters Serve Justice on Portland State Campus Public Safety Office

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