March 24, 2023
Ryan Pupsum: Yet Another Twitter Snitch at hombresecreto88

Ryan Pupsum is the latest in a line of Twitter snitches encountered in recent weeks in response to posts promoting the Jeremy Christian trial. These people are all basically the same. They see a tweet that they don't like and their response is to send a tweet to a law enforcement agency as if some crime is being committed. There was no crime, but it is the thought that counts and like we have said before, using social media to message the police is the same as calling the cops. The psychology involved and the end goals are the same. In this case Ryan Pupsum tweeted "Attn [at]fbi." Unfortunately for Pupsum all he did with that tweet was expose himself as a snitch because the FBI is well aware of this website and the feds already keep a close eye on it.

Not much is known of Ryan Pupsum other than he uses the Twitter handle hombresecreto88 and a brief scrolling through his uploaded media revealed a bulletin board with an ad for Advanced Gastroenterology in Vancouver, Washington, so we are guessing he is or has been in that area. #ryanpupsum #hombresecreto #jeremychristian #fbi

Source: Ryan Pupsum: Yet Another Twitter Snitch at hombresecreto88

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