March 26, 2023
Snitches From Both Sides Respond to FBI Snitching Form

Following a brawl between Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Proud Boys led by Alan Swinney, and Blue Lives Matter types in downtown Portland, Oregon this past weekend, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) posted a snitching form on their website. The FBI then tweeted a link to it that also said "FBI Portland is Seeking Information on Individuals Inciting Violence During First Amendment-Protected Peaceful Demonstrations." We do not know how many filled out the form with accurate information or who they are, but we have documented several Twitter users that used the comment thread of that Tweet to snitch on people. Whenever a law enforcement agency posts something on social media and asks for tips, responding to such posts with tips is the same as calling the police. In fact, it can be even worse because in addition to providing information they are also putting public pressure on the police to act on their tips. The same is true whenever anyone mentions a law enforcement account by putting an "at" symbol in front of their user name because when they do that the law enforcement agency mentioned will get a direct message from Twitter with a copy of the Tweet. It is the same as sending an email that is cc'd to a law enforcement agency. Sadly, it seems that although most of this summer's snitching has come from the conservative pro-police crowd, the most recent snitching seems be coming more from liberals that have been protesting the police.

We are not sure which side started the brawl on Saturday. We saw people from both sides throwing stuff at one another at one point and things just appear to have escalated from there. We know that the Proud Boys answered Alan Swinney's call for "patriots" to come to Portland and came ready to fight. They felt emboldened by the fact that they were supporting Blue Lives Matter a.k.a. Back the Blue demonstrators, so the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) were not likely to crack down on them and they were right. Many believe that they were actively working with the PPB to coordinate the event, but we are not sure if that is true or if they just made sure the PPB knew they were coming. Letting the police know that your group will be picketing in the future and where is not snitching, in fact just doing that can make it easier to keep your people from being harassed, assaulted, or arrested by the police because officers are not caught by surprise. We are not aware of any arrests being made in connection with the brawl at this time. The PPB seemed content to let the two sides duke it out and that decision is a good sign that the protests have been working. Unfortunately, the "patriots" held their ground for a long time and smashed a lot of heads in the process, so now the left is calling for their arrests and in so doing are exposing the fact that a lot of their people are hypocritical snitches. One cannot be a legitimate anti-cop activist and a snitch or a snitch sympathizer at the same time. That is why we have singled out individuals seen at these protests that we know to have been cooperating witnesses for the government in the past ( Whenever you see someone go from cooperating witness to protester in cases involving polarizing political issues it is usually a sign that their opposition to the police only goes so far and they support the police if doing so serves them. That is why we have been skeptical of Antifa from the beginning of these protests because just a couple of months before they were working hand in hand with the police to put away Jeremy Christian ( The election of a new district attorney with Antifa connections, while a significant improvement over the old one thus far, heightens our concern that Antifa is just a "hate crime" away from becoming blue backers themselves.

Statements made by people in Antifa circles to us online in recent days indicate that a significant part of their movement is not above working with the police. Pdxsendfedshome ( said ""I'll be a snitch all day idc. Lock up the alt right so they can't vote in November." Obviously he did not know that inmates awaiting trial can still vote in Multnomah County and if they could not that would raise the serious possibility that the government could suppress voters by fabricating criminal charges against them. Pdxsednfedshome later said he would be "Snitching because shooting Alan in the head woulda got me arrested." Statements like that and their past history are why have said that Antifa is not above going to the police if they feel they have no other recourse, especially if they view the person or persons they lack recourse against as right wing ( KWhit35 ( said to us "I would happily help the police in certain matters while also criticizing them for others. I think the VAST majority of people feel the same." That is a clear example of why we suspect large segments of the Antifa movement to be snitches or snitch sympathizers. Snitches like lrmtrout who said of Swinney "I called him in and followed up when he paintballed me last week"(

The same may be true for Black Lives Matter (BLM) but as we have said in the past, we still believe that "members of BLM tend to be more gangster than Antifa for the most part." A couple days ago we highlighted a BLM member that posted a Tweet directed to [at]ChiefcLovell asking him to arrest Swinney and highlighting the fact that they arrest BLM members for nothing while turning a blind eye to Swinney ( We have since redacted her name after a lengthy argument mainly because she said that her Tweet was made after the PPB had already issued a press release seeking information on Swinney and that because she has not done time she may not have know better, so we cut her some slack due to the fact that her Tweet seemed intended more to criticize disproportional policing than actually getting Swinney arrested. We did her a courtesy, but we still believe that highlighting him in that way is technically snitching and that if you were to take that to a shot caller on any active prison yard in this country he would call it snitching. At one point she criticized us for wasting energy on her instead of white nationalists, which seemed like just a smoke screen intended to imply that anyone that criticizes BLM when they could be criticizing racists must be racist. We fully expect similar smoke screens in the future, but to answer her question, we are an anti-government organization that focuses on law enforcement first and the snitches that aid them second, so obviously we are not going to waste energy on white nationalists when we could be criticizing government or the snitches that aid them, unless of course we use energy on a white nationalist that is also a cop, prosecutor, judge, corrections employee, or snitch.

We will not extend that courtesy to people that post names and incriminating evidence on the FBI's Twitter threads or threads of other law enforcement agencies however because that goes beyond mere criticism with a mention. That is why we are uploading a PDF with this article containing full un-redacted screenshots just some of the snitching that we are talking about. Again, these snitches are from both sides.

On the Left

On the left we have 13 Twitter users that go by the handles SisterhoodTribe, downtym, Skel531, SharkHand1, annibute, LoMama81, xsyntryk1, AgruntSays, Addi_James, Trumpnado2016, LOUDANDCLEAR911, TotchosInABox, OPSVeracity49th, and SacredNeckbeard. LoMama81 and Skel531 are repeat offenders with at least two snitch Tweets each. The text of their tweets read as follows:

"Troops for Trump would be a good place to start….who were joined by the Proud Boys." – SisterhoodTribe555 ( her Tweet also included a picture of some Proud Boys.

"Maybe start with this guy? Seems like a likely suspect." – Downtym ( his Tweet also included a picture of Alan Swinney.

"Here's Proud Boy pointing a gun at protestors:" – SharkHand ( that Tweet included a video of Swinney pointing a gun at protesters.

"This string came across my twitter feed this a.m. I think perhaps the Portland Police will know these people." – Anne Flaherty ( her Tweet included a video of "patriot" protesters at the start of the rally.

"Here's a good thread." – Xsyntryk ( this Tweet linked to a thread full of pictures of Proud Boys.

"[at]FBIPortland here is one of them. Allen Swinney. Hes been driving up to Portland to incite violence. Here he is pointing a firearm at people." AGrunt Says ( his Tweet also included a picture of Swinney.

"Here is some using bear mace and trying to raise money with his videos." – Addison James ( his video also includes a video of a Proud Boy using bear mace.

"You can start with Alan Swinney [at]PermianEvents and the rest of the Proud Boys" – STOP tRumpnado ( this Tweet also included a picture of Swinney.

"[at]FBI" TheCrusaderForTheWorld – ( his Tweet was mostly a picture of Swinney with some text that looks like a quote of Swinney calling BLM the n-word, but we don't know if he really did or not.

"Look into [at]PermianEvents" – Nick Luca ( his Tweet also included a picture of Swinney.

"Here you go [at]fbi Alan Swinney pointing a loaded and cocked firearm at protesters. Is this what you were looking for?" – Weak Anthropic Principle ( also included a picture of Swinney.

"Here you go….." – Operation Veracity ( included a picture of a guy wearing a MAGA hat at the rally.

"Yes, Amber Cummings and Alan Swinney organized a group of armed and dangerous individuals to riot on the streets of Portland" – Neckbeard's Eulogy (

"Heres some proud boys attacking protesters yesterday and Cops just looking on and doing nothing. DO YOUR JOB!" – Skel53 ( included a video of Proud Boys and Antifa fighting.

"Okay, Im done. If you really cared you go look on social media. The Whote Supremacy Groups are out their bragging, as are cops." Skel53 – ( included a picture of two Proud Boys.

"This person attacked a member of the press." – LoMama *YouCan'tDefineMarxismCanYou ( included a picture of a Proud Boy.

"Alan Swinney" – LoMama *YouCan'tDefineMarxismCanYou ( included a picture of Swinney.

On the Right

Like we said, most of the snitching from this summer's protests has come from the right. A good example would be the followers of Freight Broker Live ( Unfortunately, the vast majority of the snitching we saw on the FBI thread came from the left. On the right we have 6 Twitter users going by the handles SealeTeam1, idiot_salad, PortlandBang, research_true, progone, and TotoughtodieAZ.

"Here's a start…" – Sealeteam1 ( his Tweet included multiple images that included social media accounts belonging to Antifa members.

"Here's one. Not sure of appropriate pronouns." Azax Railgun.hodl – ( included a picture of an Antifa man at a protest.

"That's Peter Wilson Curtis, identifies as male, oddly enough. I think he just dresses like that for the lulz tbh" Alyssa Vinsonhaler/Bang – ( a response to Azax Railgun.hodl that included the full name and mugshot of the man he was talking about.

"Why have multiple pleas to [at]FBI [at]FBISeattle for the same thing being ignored? I was charged w/4 counts of Harassment after posting proof of Domestic Abuse on IG. By a Finance Firm w/ties to NYC." – TrueNorthResearch ( her account is full of other examples of her trying to snitch on people.

"[at]FBI [at]jack" – We the People ( included a picture containing the full name and photo of an Antifa member.

"Trust me if I knew I would give up every disgusting individual involved. Police need to overwhelm them a few nights I a row and just grab everyone. Set a trap." Real Arizona – ( although not a post where he actually snitches, clearly words that only a snitch would say.


There are a bunch of whiny snitches on both sides. We hope that Antifa and BLM will clean their own laundry, but despite having plenty of time to do so in other cases they have not. It seems clear that they care more about fighting what they view as white supremacy than they do about fighting the police. So much so that they appear to welcome snitches in their ranks so long as the only people they snitch on are enemies of Antifa or BLM. #fbi #twitter #alanswinney #antifa #proudboys #blacklivesmatter

Source: Snitches From Both Sides Respond to FBI Snitching Form

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