March 26, 2023
crystal jo dilly is a snitch

smitty was pulled in a "routine" traffic stop and in the backseat floorboard of his girlfriends car was close to 17 grams of meth and a pistol. now! mind you he is a covicted felon and by no means would have a gun or if he had known the gun and drugs were in crystal jo dilly car he would have not pulled over . He gets bonded out and goes back to work crystal mind you starts posting crazy stuff on her facebook and lying how smitty did this and that but yet the whole time smiling in his face and collecting his money on payday. right before smitty is to recieve his discovery papers she spits in his face at work and then goes home and destoys everything he owns, see pics. now the cops were called i guess in hopes that he would have to leave but he was told his name is on the lease they cant make him go anywhere. but he ends up sleeping in the garage until she started another fight with him and kicks him in the nuts while on the phone with me! im all the way in oklahoma so what all can I do but listen, right. well we get him a room and food and tell him go to court go to work stay away from her. My question is how is this justice and why is she able to get away with this! on the discovery she is the first name besides the detectives and to wich she has bragged more than once about one of the detectives and her "friendship"! Mind you smitty has been clean since release on bond and continues to work and show up for court, how can we get him a lawyer to take this pro bono and how can we shed light on this snitching ass methhead? This is not her first rodeo she ratted out her own nephew and rumor has it her girls father who if not released is soon to be. She has literally destroyed all he owns forced him out of his own home and continues to stay twacked back but yet has a failure to appear for stealing from walmart? Rehabilitation is not just for convicts ! there needs to be something done about paying drug addicted snitches to set people up and continue to do so. Mind you this is an open case and crystal will not recieve her other snitching pay until jury, so we are in need of justice for smitty! and justice against all rats! #snitch #rat #liarmethhead

Source: crystal jo dilly is a snitch

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