March 31, 2023
Demetria Hester Has Faced Assault and Prostitution Charges

An online background check reveals that one Demetria Shonel Hester from Memphis, Tennessee has a lengthy criminal record. Demetria Hester testified today in the Jeremy Christian trial and so far no media outlet has mentioned her criminal history. That history appears to include prostitution charges from 2006 and a guilty plea to felony assault in Pierce County, Washington in 2008. Hester is being treated as a victim in the Jeremy Christian case. She was caught on tape macing Christian before he threw a Gatorade bottle at her. She says he was threatening her but has no proof.

She has faced theft and forger charges in the past, but records indicate she may have been acquitted eventually. Hester is not a credible witness, but I don't see anyone bringing that up. Not even Jeremy Christian's lawyer. I was not in court, so it is possible she was cross examined on this, but I don't see evidence of it anywhere. She does not appear to be a credible witness. I would have every right to walk right up to her a whore according to what I have dug up so far.

The background check also provided an email account she is believed to be linked to. The email address is naughtyd4ever[at] That sounds like a whore's email address to me. #demetriahester #jeremychristian #prostitution #assault

Source: Demetria Hester Has Faced Assault and Prostitution Charges

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